A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Detour is a little walking simulator where you drive a small car on the way home.

We made this prototype with Bastinus Rex for the Mix and Game Jam ! The theme is "Dimension Change (Take a game mechanic from one dimension and recreate it in another)".

We were inspired by Darkwood, a horror game in 2D Top down where the character has a vision of his environment, but only reveals them when he lights them directly.

- Move by moving your cursor on the road, the car follow your mouse.
- Turn off/on the engine by cliking with the right button

  We hope you'll like it !

Bastinus Rex @BastinusRex
Thob @Thobinambours

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and run "Horror Car"


Detour_1.1_BuildWindows 32 MB


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Tidy and well executed. The pace is spot on.
I love the details such as the effect on the distant trees in the lights.

This makes a great little demo and is a shame the journey ends so soon.
It could be expanded into a very nice puzzle quest.

THIS GAME IS VERY AMAZING! ^^ Greetings from Germany :D <3

Alright, you got me

(Your game begins at 10:46)
A surprisingly cute little game, knowing just how long it needs to be to get to the spook at the end. Effective for what it is, and enoyable while it lasts. It certainly does a lot of favors for itself with its cute artstyle. Good work!

a nice little game, starts @31:46

Short and cute, with just enough creep. loved it. :)

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Really good concept. I like games that are fun and/or enjoyable. This is both. And I liked the inclusion of puzzle elements. The car headlighting looks great. Hope you do more with this.

We had a bunch of fun playing this game!  And, no spoilers, but you did get me : P

Just wanted to tell you that I love the game man. Even though I could never get passed that part "Didn't think I could go any further" This game is great! Here's my video homie. 

Thank you !!!! So cool to see you testing <3

I have a question? Was that as far as the game goes? Is there no way passed the part where I'm surrounded in the street once I come out of the woods. 

Yes it was only that sorry ! It was a game jam project so it was difficult to make something more big !
Thank you again !

I loved it! More scaring than many horror movies 

HAHAHA thank you


I noticed your game on itch.io and I'm really interested in it. As a YouTuber, I'd really like to make a video out of your game. Is it possible to make one?

Have a nice day!

^ . ^

Thank you very much for testing and for your interest !!!

Yes you can ! :D

Have a nice day too !

° . °


Thank you for allowing me to make a video on your game! I'll post it once I have uploaded it to YouTube.

It was interesting, and definitely gave me a scare

HAHA thanks for testing!

Hey, I played yer game in my latest Itch.io Horror Games video! It starts at 0:08! Hope ya enjoy!


Thank you for testing our prototype in this video Kevin !! :)

Gave it a go...

Okay thank you xD

Made a video


Thank you for testing! I don't understand why you always cut off the engine ? You just have to click once to turn on the car, and then drag your mouse on the road !

If you want we just added a newer version, not longer, but better ;)

This game has potential.

Thank for testing ! We just posted a new version !
( your screen seems very bright ! )

I'll try it out again. And would you recommend I lower the gamma next time??

Дорога, дорога ))

I don't understant what you said but thank you for playing !!

I really think there is something here. I think that if you can expand on this idea a little bit and try to put more into it, you could have a really fun and spooky experience. I kind of joked about it at first, but it can legit get a bit creepy. It's kind of a shame the game ends right when it's creepy, but that goes to show you the signs of a solid concept. 


Thanks a lot ! We are working on little things for a "post-gamejam" version of the game for the end of the month so your feedbacks are welcome !
Thank you again for the video and the encouragements

Of-course! I always like to help out devs, especially when the game really excites my imagination and makes me want to play more.

Cool game. VERY short

Thank you for your feedbacks in your video :)
The game is short because it was done as part of a gamejam, in 48H, this is why the end is vert sudden too !
We are trying to polish the game a bit before the end of the month ;)


I loved the look of Detour as soon as I saw it. Almost immediately, it made me curious as to what could be done with this type of gameplay and presentation if it were fleshed out into a full experience. There are many ways to produce a scare, and I’m thankful that Detour isn’t afraid to be different.

WOOOO thank you very much!! It was a real pleasure to see you play and enjoy even if the game is far to be finish!

We are working on a post Jam version 😊


Such a cool concept really enjoyed it keep up the amazing work 

Thanks it means a lot !
We are trying to make some little improvments on the jam version to make something more polish !
So stay tuned :)


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Thanks ! :)
Thanks for the video, we can see how you played, that give us very interesting feedbacks !

i like idea...but want lot creepy..ok good mood for car ..but i need jumpscary :P